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  • Keycare
      When you lose your key, it becomes very irritating for and it’s kind of unwanted expense and the worst part is this can happen anytime with anyone.
  • SAI rescue
      If you don’t have the breakdown cover then you are at a huge loss, because whenever your car gets tows you will have to give high charges for that. So the breakdown insurance is very necessary.
  • Misfuelling problem
      If someone assists you wrong fuel then you are not the culprit for that problem so you or your driver gets the misfuelling coverage which will turn that big expense to a small amount of cover which you will need to pay for this kind of accident.
  • Free legal cover
      This cover is given with all of our policies which helps you when you are out of pocket, accidents happen and it is used when it’s not your fault.
  • Value is agreed
      The agreed value is always given on modified vehicles or old value car, the main thing is the car condition the value of car entirely depends on the condition of the vehicle so that resale value doesn’t gets affected.
  • Personal protection
      If the person health gets affected suppose in an accident the person limbs or any internal part gets affected during accident then the sum is payable.
  • Coverage for Windscreen
      You just need to give one time fee which you need to give that is $49.99 which will save you from heavy amount of money.